Posted by: tlboehm | September 15, 2012

Rabid Saturday

If I am nothing else, I suppose I could be defined by my habits. Those modicums of mediocrity and often pointless ritualistic behaviors in which I participate because if I were to break out and do something truly different with my itty bitty life what cosmic rip would it create in the space time continuum?

And so its Saturday, the morning almost lost to the afternoon and I have already done four loads of laundry – prepped the usual Saturday omelette breakfast and engaged in pleasantries on Facebook as well as rifled through the Saturday offerings here at Blogster. My latent OCD manifesting itself in the compulsion to bet all my work accomplished before play often leaves me lathered up and quivering by midafternoon and all my happy writing ideas sizzle betwixt my overstimulated dendrites.

But today I’ve determined myself to spend a bit of time with my ornery protagonist born during a 2009 slugfest called NANOWRIMO wherein I drafted a 50k word novel that three years later is still waiting for a second edit. Truth is, I’m not really sure I like my protag. I’m a conservative, (small c – not politically speaking. I’m closer to Libertarian when considering politics) Christian, married with two spawn, lily white female accountant by trade and Ava – is an Afro/cuban white, semi pagan, single girl on the edge of oblivion. Her mother’s husband is a bigoted ass. Ava is conflicted about everything from sex to her specific diety and to be honest – she is currently an affront to my little happy sensibilities. If this book were a movie, there are parts that would make me turn away from the screen in revulsion.

I however am also an opportunist and for all the raw cursing and moments of “eeew” in the book – I believe I can wrangle it into some semblence of decency. You know curb the kill tendency but leave the book capable of biting the reader – or at least giving a good rumbling growl. To disturb your audience into thinking for themselves is one thing. To make them hork is another. Ava makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Or at least her situations make me queasy. Beyond that, she violates my belief system which would make her a difficult sell should I reach the point with the book that I want to try to land a publisher and promote it.

And so – I think I shall spend some time with my dead people collection on ancestry and perhaps this afternoon work with Ava a bit. To be honest though, I am not sure why this book was “given” to me. For those of you who write fiction  – I hope you understand what I mean. Some things are hellishly difficult to write and others just flow like dictation. Like you’re watching a movie. Condor is one of the latter.




  1. Someone needs a digital voice recorder to blurt her ideas into as she goes. And then,, when playtime comes, she will have an audio record of the towering brilliance of her inspiration.

    • I actually have one somewhere…I dont know if I’m technically savvy enough to use it!

  2. Me thinks that certain books require a life. Being an African American, almost married Christian woman with 5.2 children and a mom to care for… I write things that make me wonder if I’m sane. Sometimes, imagination is exactly that. Imagination. Were we not meant to create? Of course we were. We do have a responsibility as Christian people as to what we unleash to an unsuspecting or suspecting public. Definitely write what needs to be written; but when editing, don’t think too hard about what is ‘appropriate’. Truth is, life is very obscene, and writing about those compromising situations and very strange twists and turns one makes when attempting to arrive at a palatable solution is the very stuff of which life is made. Sometimes, we Christians try to pretty it up too much. We can write about life situations, yet at the same time, write to such extent that someone does find ‘God’. Or, the deity of their choice. Or better yet, pray about how to make the story work for your creativity, as well as still provide realistic or at the very least entertaining methods for finding the right solution to finding peace with your principles. I’ve rambled enough. Going to find something to keep this morning sickness from making me a monster which would be worthy fare for a good nemesis in one of your delightful creations.

  3. Thank you Mrsbilly. I’m so glad you know me the way you do. And yes, life is obscene, brutal, graphic and messy.

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