Posted by: tlboehm | February 15, 2014

The Race

Where the skylights meet the highway

Where the rubber meets the road

Hell in my rear view mirror

And my mind on overload

Can’t outrun the ticking clock

Or distance myself from destiny

Spun out in the middle of my life

By the reckless heart inside of me


Drag myself from under this wreckage

Can’t say I feel no pain

Only a matter of moments I’ll be

In another hit and run again

Speeding cars they never stop

Just because you forfeit the race

Clear the track and they go round again

A faster car to take your place


This blur of life makes me slam my breaks

I was never built for speed

Cut the nitrous and the adrenaline

There’s something more that I need

Calling out over the roar of the engines

Shut the door and throw out the key

Walk away from this race to nowhere

There’s a better path that waits for me


TL Boehm


I’m not an enigma. EVER. I’m just an average human who gets tired of the grind sometimes. Writing a bad poem about it eases some of the stress. That is all 



  1. That was a fabulous poem! Such vivid imagery! I was caught up in the mini story 🙂 – Deanna


  2. amazing retro Tammy prose….Stop Human Trafficking

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