Posted by: tlboehm | February 22, 2014

Not My Reality

Not My Reality

Is it divine dissatisfaction
Or just a chemical reaction
To a system overload
Run the meter to the red
Am I all up in my head
Do I shut it down or implode

Can’t settle for status quo
There’s so much more I want to know
This is not my reality
You can hang by your circumstance
Or cut that rope and take a chance
Could you handle being free

Cyclical day and night
Spinning at the speed of light
Lost in the blur of our lives
This black hole gravity
Has done its work on me
It’s a pull I can’t survive

So rescue me from oblivion
My heart is open to let you in
Change my linear destiny
No more victim of circumstance
Give me grace to take the chance
We were meant to be set free
TL Boehm



  1. This ….i understand this. Too many times we remain perched because we’re used to status quo. We’re used to the chains and are not used to being free of them. Why not jump off the cliff when you know the Savior will catch you? I am fully persuaded that nothing in this world will separate me from the live of Christ, especially not meager circumstances. And if he is for me, who can be against me and his plan for my life?

    • Absolutely – thanks for getting this. Sometimes I feel like I am firing off into the void

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