Posted by: tlboehm | February 22, 2014

The Viking Reloaded

For the one or two of you newbies who may not know me consider this my warning shot across your bow. I am not a “nice person.” I’m not a “God loves you and so do I” bit of Jesus cheese. Of course I am capable of deep empathy for any situation but if a crack on your dome would go further to disengage you from that self-induced death spiral you’re in than a hug and a daisy would – I’m your girl with a Kevlar coated heart and tank piercing ammunition.

Truth is, I don’t need to be your best bud or even know your name to deliver the jolt of reality you need to kill your own dragons in this life. I just need to keep standing. And over the past forty nine years of experiencing all manner of life on this planet, I’ve grown adept at planting my feet either on terra firma or across the hindermost parts of a necessary gluteal target. I only have one enemy and he isn’t you. Any surface tension I create across your resonant hide will only serve to temper your own brand of steel.

Rest assured therefore, should you determine I am read worthy – there will be rants, verbal scourging and occasional evisceration and I make no apologies for it. There is a quantum gap between “happy” and “joy” and my “joy” will only manifest when I’m done. Crispy coating notwithstanding, I can confirm that my center is still raw – and chilly in parts. I don’t have time for “happy” therefore, when “Joy” is at stake.

Contrary to what you may perceive by my feral machinations, I am not prone to moody outbursts. If I’m stating it – I have balanced whatever lack of “couth” or “political correctness” with much rumination, meditation and perspiration at my disposal. I’ve been in the same state for thirty five years, the same marriage and home for twenty three years and the same job for twelve years. I ride no pendulums or wrecking balls or roller coasters. I simply put one flat spiked foot in front of the other and that has served to carry me forward.  Forward focus, rear guard, left right left is the order of the day.

The bandwidth is rife with more bucolic wordsmiths, poetic ephemera, and polychromatic gas emitting unicorns. You won’t get that here on this page. I made peace with my Viking DNA and my bitter ink a long time ago. The way I see it, somebody way better than me already died for you. I’m here to help you take back ground, to help you kill the monsters. Lock and load, baby. Lock and load.



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