Posted by: tlboehm | June 21, 2014

Cooling my jets….

Just one more comment before I go off on a totally different girlie tangent as is my gender specific modus operandi: Some peeps get it. Consider my brothers and sisters slightly to the north. Santa Fe, the city different, full of culture and money and funded by the likes of Val Kilmer and Julia Roberts, eclectic, snooty and steeped in history. Recently a Buddhist gentleman was told by his local home owners association to take down his prayer flags (which had been up for two years)

He was given a variance to fly them and stated:  “For me, being in a free country, if I can’t do something really simple like this, it would be really shameful for me,”

I bring this up because I want to stress the fact that my last post was not a volley against people of faith other than my own. It was about the impingement of our legally protected rights as citizens of a free country during the course of our misguided attempt to elevate political correctness above the personal freedoms under which we live.  You know what? I posted my little rant yesterday and someone on Facebook unfriended me. Could have been timing. Maybe I’m a drag. And I shouldn’t care what someone else chooses to do. But I get it more than you realize. I truly want everyone to like me. I want to be everyone’s friend, and it really disturbs me at my core when someone walks away. I’m not nearly as crusty and antisocial as I appear. It’s a front people. It’s a coping mechanism forged by 49 years of being awkward, untalented, unpretty – and so many other undesirable things. Unless you’re a plate of nachos, I am no threat. I’d rather make you smile than piss you off but at the end of the day I cannot control your response to me. I can only try to keep my fires burning without jumping the breaker you just dug. Sometimes, because I am human – I will fail and you will walk away and you will never tell me why. And I will stew in my own bitter juices over it. Truth is though, I am on fire for many things. And sometimes – that flame is fed and ionization happens. I apologize for offending, but not for the fire itself.

On second thought, I won’t divulge the mundane aspect of my daily life (that was the pending girlie tangent.) Perhaps the bandwidth would be better served if I simply went back to cataloguing the deceased on Ancestry. Shaky leaves, here I come.

I’m not angry. It just occurs to me that this was probably why I tabled the blogging a few years back. It tends to irk people just a bit too much more than suits my comfort zone. And all joking aside, I don’t enjoy disappointing people.

I’ll be back when I have a bit of non-incendiary fluff to share.  I’m sure I can think of something benign by tomorrow or the next day.




  1. “Unless you’re a plate of nachos, I’m no threat.” Brilliant. (still got a smile on my face)

  2. Hmmm…prayer flags are nice. Let the neighbors do what they want. I just get so tired of everyone (not you) attacking America. Fine, freedom of speech, verbally attack all you want. If they hate America that much, why are they here? Don’t like it? Leave. If a person doesn’t like what a country stands for or it’s symbolism, why choose to live here in the first place?

  3. Nope Tammy ,you are always on your self and I just wanna grab you and hug you and tell you ..”you are a great normal but unique person and I still love to read your rants…..”Laury

    • Thank you Laury – you’re awesome

  4. Agitation due to burrs under saddles is there to make us look at those burrs. Keep writing. Jesus daid offenses cime. My question is why are they offended?

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